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After Kyan’s EXPLODING and CATCHY EDM abum « FREEDOM BECAUSE » - a blink to the 80s and 90s – recorded at TITAN Music INC in Los Angeles CA by Michael Vail Blum, which allowed him to get noticed by several British local Radios and to be chosen by PAUL YOUNG to play his opening in MAY 2014,
Kyan BlackWood is coming back with a brand New Single « Something inside » announcing the release of his next album.
With a clean and refined sound, he gives us an even stronger message about one of his favorite topic : FREEDOM.
Some would say about him : There was NO male singer Like “Katy Perry“ “Miley Cyrus“ or “PINK“... now there is KYAN poised to be the voice of his GENERATION...

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"I'm delighted to help this young man succeed" Eliot Cohen, Red Bus Studios’s Director

"Kyan is the next generation of pop star." Jerry L. Greenberg, Mirage Music Entertainment

"I was really pleased to work with this very refreshing guy." Michael Vail Blum, Producer & Engineer

"I loved playing on his songs; they're really upbeat and catchy." Ronald Bruner Jr, Prince drummer

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